Texts I’ve produced:

Spilbaseret Sprogtilegnelse (2009)

(In Danish) My master’s thesis in English at Copenhagen University, for which I got an A. The thesis discusses the potentials for foreign language acquisition in massively multiplayer online games (MMOG’s), when they are played outside of formal education. Specifically, the game “World of Warcraft” is analyzed for potentials for Danish players incidentally acquiring English language skills while playing it.

Spilblokeringer (2008)

(In Danish) An article I wrote for the Fastaval Player Compendium. The article outlines common reasons why improvising and saying yes in roleplaying can be difficult and gives tips on how to overcome each type of challenge.

Layered interaction (2007)

Paper for a functional linguistics class I took as part of my MA in English. The paper is an analyses of how different theories of language construe competitive and cooperative aspects of language, and how these contradictory views can be combined if you divide social interaction into layers.

Mellem ytringsfrihed og ejendomsret (2007)

(In Danish) A paper from a course on social sciences that I took as part of my MA in history. The paper outlines the history of Danish copyright philosophy and uses that as a basis for an analyses of the current copyright debate.

Det Halve Kongerige (2005)

(In Danish) A freeform roleplaying scenario for the Fastaval roleplaying convention which won the Otto award for best player materials. The scenario is about re-telling the past in a fantasy narrative where conflicting narrators’ subjective views of past events compete to emerge as the true story.