Some of my past projects:

designed a css/javascript template for practicing drag-n-drop tasks. The prototype is based on sorting the words of a sentence into the right word classes (2013)

designed a css/javascript web utility for easily forming groups out of student names. Works by importing names from student lists online, making them sortable via jQeuryUI and saving the results in localstorage.   (2013)

Designed and ran the train-based larp “Dreams and memories” with Pernille Schultz in just 3 days (2012)

began working on a javascript simulation game, White Raven, where you manage a carrier in space (2012)

made a clause generator in javascript to illustrate basic English grammar (2012)

Facilitated the interactive prelude and postlude for Jannick Raunow’s staging of Tjekhov’s play “The Bear” at Planeten (2011)

made a simple simulation game, Wandering Monsters, where you manage a fantasy kingdom under attack – to learn more about javascript (2011)

Learned participatory workshop methods from ActionAid Denmark’s Christel Winther (2011)

Presented and sat in panel for the debate on religion in roleplaying and roleplaying as religion with Jesper Kristiansen and Kristoffer Thurøe at Huset i Magstræde (2011)

Developed and played 3 minilarps collaboratively as a member of the Copenhagen minilarp group. The aim was to create interesting games easily: one evening of planning and one evening of play. This low investment of time and energy made experiments much easier. We presented the methods and ideas at  several workshops on how to minilarp at Forum 2011 and Huset i Magstræde (2011)

Wrote an article on de-fucking for the #2 issue of Playground Magazine with Pernille Schultz. The article calls for a change in roleplaying culture and discourse in order to to acknowledge the dangers of roleplaying and begin maturely handling the consequences of intense play (2011)

Did a presentation and workshop on De-fucking at Knudepunkt with Pernille Schultz (2011)

Did a presentation about collaborative larping at Knudepunkt with Kristoffer Thurøe (2011)

Created the English sub-titles for the Danish documentary about the Delirium LARP (2011)

Worked on conference program, book projects, web and project communication as part of the project  organizing the international roleplaying convention Knudepunkt (2010-2011)

Ran a workshop on how to write player roles at Fastavals game designer’s weekend (2010)

Designed and produced the lighting for the play Det Kolde Barn with the En tankeløs bemærkning group  (director: Peter Fitzpatrick) at Krudttønden

Created the Danish translation “PRINCE2 – Projektledelse med succesof the official manual for the PRINCE2 project management method (2009-2010)

Produced the lighting for the play Dødsskrigerne with the Doktor Margrethe group  (director: Astrid Gulstad) at Krudttønden (2009)

Played the male lead in a production of Chekov’s 1 act play, the Bear (director: Jannick Raunow) at Hyggecon (2009)

Wrote and produced the experimental roleplaying game Gøgen er Død at Hyggecon with Jannick Raunow (2009)

Ran a workshop on collaborative storytelling techniques for role-players at Viking-con 27 (2008)

Ran a workshop on acting techniques for role-players at Hyggecon with Jannick Raunow (2007)

Organized the program of freeform scenarios, handling all communication with game designers/authors at Fastaval with Jonas Harild (2007)

Was a member of the Otto award jury at Fastaval (2006)